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Sutra Salon is where Dharmajim gets to talk about his favorite subject: the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha. Dharmajim’s Buddhist journey is typical for a westerner. He studied in a number of traditions including Zen, Theravada, Dzog Chen, and most recently, Nichiren Buddhism. Dharmajim has practiced as a monastic and as a layperson. He has served as Abbot of a Temple and a Prison Chaplain. During Dharmajim’s 30 years of Buddhist study he has maintained a practice of contemplative reading of the Buddhist Sutras. The writings here at the Sutra Salon reflect the multifaceted nature of Dharmajim’s journey. They include:

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1. Commentaries -- These are mostly commentaries on Buddhist Discourses, but there are also some commentaries on western and Confucian works.
  • Two Good Friends Discuss the Lotus Sutra
  • The Susima Sutta Enlightenment by Understanding
  • On the Anuruddha Sutta
  • On the Perfection of Wisdom in One Letter
  • 16 Year Cycle of Sutra Readings
  • The Great Learning Confucian
  • 2. Essays, Visions, Diaries, Etc. -- These are original works that include explorations of the Dharma. In particular there is a focus on exploring the meaning of Dependent Origination/ Pratityasmutpada/ Interdependent Transformation.
  • The Dao of Reading
  • On the Perfection of Change
  • Udumbara: Interdependent Transformation
  • Analysis & Meaning: Pratityasmutpada
  • Dharma View: Interdependent Transformation
  • Transcending Essence & Abandoning Being
  • 3. Poetry -- Includes haiku, renga, sonnets, and free verse. Dharmajim started the first English Language magazine devoted to Renga. It is now edited by Jane Reichhold and called Lynx.
  • Two Renga with Jane
  • Emptiness Sonnets
  • Water Psalms
  • 7 Verses On The Path
  • 7 Verses On Ultimate Nature
  • 4. Personal Notes On My Journey
  • Chanting as a Meditation Practice
  • A Buddhist Service
  • Dharmajim hopes that you enjoy his Sutra Salon. If you have comments or questions, please feel free to post them at the Dharma House Blog.
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